About Minit Charger

As the inventor of fast charging technology over 15 years ago, Minit Charger is a pioneer in charging, battery and equipment management solutions.

Anticipating the changes in this competitive world, we have redefined our smart charging solutions to better meet the powering needs of our clients. Offering a state of the art line of chargers and battery management solutions to ensure their everyday operations run safe and efficiently.

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In this competitive world, the industry needs a fast-charging solution for equipment against premature cell failure under varying temperature conditions. It’s also imperative to record and analyze their performance data to better optimize their output. The good news is that we have created solutions to address all these issues at once.

Why Minit Charger ?

Reduce Asset Downtime

Assets charge faster so operations can resume quickly and efficiently.

Apply to Any Equipment Fleet

Whether your fleet is large or small, quickly charge any truck, tug, pallet jack, or AGV.

Address Energy Levels Proactively

Notifications let you know immediately when a battery needs attention, so you can intervene before a complete shut down.

Extend Battery Life Cycle

By reducing equipment downtime and proactively managing battery life, you will increase your battery lifespan.

We are ready to power your assets with our fast charging solutions

The new outdoor rated dual-port fast charger provides a solution to charging Ground Support Equipment (GSE) simultaneously.
It’s patented algorithm provides the fastest charge possible for each battery, while it’s SiC technology allows Altus II to perform with high efficiency and tolerance to higher operating temperatures.
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This state of the art charger for Material Handling Equipment (MHE) is the first in the industry to be built using Silicon Carbide (SiC) Technology to deliver higher efficiency and reliable operation at higher temperatures all while offering a smaller footprint and compact size.
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Built with efficiency in mind, Durus onboarding single phase charger for industrial equipment provides reliable performance with low TCO. It’s sophisticated technology ensures an efficient charging while providing automatic equalization, temperature compensation, and automatic shutdown after full charge.
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Complete Solutions for Effortless Management

Managing a large fleet and it’s multiple operators can be a challenge. Our sister company Access Control Group helps make the job easier and smarter by offering a cloud connected line of fleet and battery management solutions to ensure your equipment, batteries, and chargers continue to operate at their peak efficiency.

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